August 2019 Phlog: Newport, Salem and More! by John Ritchie

These are photographs from several different trips I made in August as well as some pictures I’ve been working this summer. Not pictured here are images I made at the Junction City Scandinavian Festival, which I felt needed their own blog article.

July 2019 Phlog: Lots of New Material (Finally!) by John Ritchie

June saw big changes in the John Ritchie world. I now have a lot more free time, I have a new camera, and I’m looking in new directions. This is good for photography and I hope to see big new things coming.

I’ve been on several photo shoots in June and July and here are some of the images I’ve made. I blogged separately about the Cat Park so I won’t repeat myself here.

There’s nothing quite as wholesome as Kids and Armaments. Here are a few photographs from a visit to some old bombers at the airport. Speaking of wholesome, I found a random bit of patriotism in my neighborhood. No, I don’t live in Arizona.

Always a sucker for anthropomorphism, a trip to Thompson’s Flour Mills gave me a chance meet new friends in unexpected places.

I did a little night photography of various kinds as well.

And finally, a couple days spent in Astoria were a lot of fun and a chance for some photographs.

February 2019 Phlog: Countryside Photo Ramble by John Ritchie

Last month I went on a ramble through the countryside with a couple photographer friends, looking for interesting images. I found myself concentrating mostly on patterns, shapes and colors rather than scenery. Here are some of the things I investigated.

October 2018 Phlog: Central Oregon Colors by John Ritchie

I took a couple trips to Central Oregon in mid-October to visit with friends and Color was the theme of my photography! We hit the Painted Hills at sunset, and the South Santiam River was exploding with fall colors!

Photos Phlogged, September 2018 by John Ritchie

It’s been almost 6 months since we got back from Japan so maybe it’s time I posted some photographs from the trip.

We were there for only two weeks which was not long enough. During that time I shot almost 1800 photos. When I got back, I deleted about 1/2 of them, leaving me with nearly 1000 photographs. Many (most) of those are tourist photos - documenting something we did or saw. But I skimmed several off the top that are artistically interesting, and those are the ones I show here. These are the artistic keepers of the trip.

You can view more photos from Japan here. But these are the best ones