Photos Phlogged, June 2017 by John Ritchie

I submitted the following themed set of photographs to the "Seeing In Sixes II" book by LensWork Magazine.  Although I would be ecstatic if it were accepted, I'm also pretty pleased with this idea and plan to flesh it out more.  There are much more than 6 discovered beings in my house!

Discovered Beings

I discover faces in my appliances and furnishings, and once you've seen the face, the personality quickly becomes apparent.  Although these beings seldom speak, you can imagine what they'd say if they would.

I've discovered these beings in my home. Your home has them too, if you look.

Photos Phlogged, January 2017 by John Ritchie

This month's Phlog has more landscape-y photographs from a trip to the coast, but also some night work.